Saturday, 19 June 2010


Final show went really well last night, it was really nice to see ever one and ever ones work up.
I sold one of my posters, and had some interest in my work which i am very pleased about.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Final Major Prpject

These are my final posters for my Final Major Project for college, they are a series of posters just providing people with information about drugs, drink and smoking, the posters are not an anti drugs, drink smoking campaign, they are more a series of poster which provide you with facts which you might not have know about some of the drugs ect, so you can make you own mind up about them.

My work is being put up in our final show which from on the 18th of june 6-8pm and then is open until the 24th of june. The show is at queens gardens art and design hull, so pop down if your round and take a look.

A few months ago i was watching some comedy panel show and one of the people said on the show ' was is the only way of teaching Americans geography' and i thought this was an amazing quote, and thought it would make a really good poster, and i have just only got round to doing on, i know it needs quite a lot of work, but i am liking the ideas i am coming up with it already.

Monday, 7 June 2010

just playing round in photoshop and illustrator here, whilst listing to james brown, thats where the text has come from. been looking at a range of vintage posters at the mo, and really like how they look so i think i am off to try and do a few posters in that style, this is just a quite 5 min job, but i am liking how it looks